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Packaging - Strip Packaging


FixTrans from Romaco Siebler

Romaco Siebler develops single-size transfer systems for various applications under the FixTrans label.

HM 1E series from Romaco Siebler

The Siebler HM 1E series is specifically designed for heat sealing effervescent tablets, a highly sensitive product that requires the best possible protection against humidity.

HM 1 series from Romaco Siebler

This latest generation strip machine combines high performance "sleevedshell“ heating technology with its unique "QuickSeal“ sealing technology.

FlexTrans from Romaco Siebler

The Siebler FlexTrans is the perfect solution for connecting primary packaging machines with a variety of different cartoners.

HM 2 series from Romaco Siebler

The four-side-sealed foil pack, widely known as a sachet or pouch, serves as a packaging medium for products which are flat in shape.

CM 1-500 from Romaco Siebler

The perfect solution for secondary packaging of small flat items into paper catch covers, with a continuous operating output of up to 700 wallets per minute.

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With its diverse brands, Romaco focuses on important technological fields of competence. The single product lines offer the optimum prerequisite for the development of comprehensive solutions. Romaco promises its customers professional project handling, fast delivery times and a reliable service.
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