Packaging - Bottle & Cap Handling


Secondary Bottle Orientation Systems

Designed for final orientation of asymmetric, pre-printed or labeled containers.

DRP - XL Unscrambler

Direct Drive Rotary Pocket Bottle Unscrambler

ERP Economy Rotory Pocket Unscrambler

Ideal for Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Food, Liquor and Specialty Chemical Products Packaging.

LCX Unscrambler

Low Cost Rotary Pocket Bottle Unscrambler

PRP Integrated Puck Handling and Placement System

Integrated Puck Handling and Placement System for Plastic, Glass or Aerosol Containers.

RP Series Rotory Pocket Unscramblers

Omega RP series unsramblers feature patented rotory pockets and deliver a level of performance unmatched by any other unscrambler on the market today.

Series CSP Romaco Macofar

Romaco Macofar CSP capping machines offer the latest state-of-the-art technology for vial sealing after they are filled with injectable drugs.

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